• Interactive For Sale Sign - Virtual Reality Sign

Our Story

Every idea has a beginning, and Luxbii's began in 2018 in Austin, Texas, by owner and creator Lee Patterson, who had been trying to reorganize his Los Angeles-based outdoor advertising company for years. Patterson has always wanted to add more to static billboards, as well as contribute to the mobile advertising industry, while remaining focused on the business of real estate and advertising. After several years, and ideas percolating in the back of his mind, Patterson simply walked down the block and noticed his neighbor's "for sale" sign in the front lawn. The sign was bland and desperate and potentially had buyers overlooking the home as a result of the deleterious effect of the sign. And so, it began... After a few different possible names (some better than others), lots of tools, consultations, attorneys, designers, trials and errors, more tools, and great successes later... Luxbii was born!

  • Augmented Reality Real Estate Signage

Let's talk about Luxbii

Our primary business is real estate, so our target audience is the realtor and the client. With both in mind, we have made it possible for all parties involved in the home buying and selling process to be excited about the real estate sign for the first time ever.

The Client:

The Luxbii is a lease-only product, making it highly affordable and attractive for the realtor or seller to acquire one without breaking the bank. The Luxbii includes a dedicated QR code for interested consumers to easily scan, for immediate access to the properties' existing web page. Luxbii offers Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) features which allow buyers to immediately experience a virtual walkthrough of the property and allows the capability to easily change wall colors, modify room layouts, add furniture, and interior design from their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Hailey, the Luxbii Holographic Virtual Reality Assistant, will give a brief 30-second walkthrough of the property from within the sign, mobile device or VR wearable hardware, offering a truly unique and industry-changing experience to how consumers engage with Real estate. Most importantly, we installed and included a high powered solar LED light inside each Luxbii, emitting a gentle, yet beckoning glow illuminating the post from within allowing the sign to be visible and interacted with both day and night. At first glance, the matte black and minimalist shape would appear destined to be a high-end landscape lighting post. In fact, without the real estate information in the center of this glowing beacon, it would be hard to call this a “For Sale” sign.

BUT THAT IS EXACTLY ITS PURPOSE: to broadcast to buyers that a property is on the market, and due to the embedded technology, potential buyers have access to a far richer amount of information than a standard, traditional sign could offer.