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Starting at $65/month

Plus, a one time only setup fee of $100 per sign.


Luxbii 6

The Luxbii 6 offers a wide view of the property’s information graphic. Standing at 3 feet, 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide, matte black, and a solar powered LED backlit elegant graphic, the Luxbii 6 offers a distinguished presence ideal for residential homes, apartments and commercial properties. Acting as a geo-located beacon, consumers gain immediate mobile access to the agent and/or property details on their webpage through the real estate apps of our participating partners via our Bluetooth (optional) and/or QR code engagement (included with every Luxbii).


  • Luxbii Signs are LEASE ONLY products.
  • Minimum 1 month and can be leased for the duration of your listing term on the market.
  • No limits on quantity of signs per properties.
  • QR codes are included for FREE.
  • Maintenance free solar lights included. However, the solar panels must remain in sunny areas for maximum illumination.
  • Custom graphics for each property as determined by the seller/seller’s agent.

The Luxbii 6 is also compatible with our: